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Our year ahead

2022-01-12 12:49:00

As everyone settles in properly for the New Year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all Hattrick managers for 2021, review the year behind us, and take a look at what 2022 has in store for us .

This past year was a good one for Hattrick. In fact it is now several years in a row that the user base is stable, both in terms of active managers and Supporters. This is really important for us and one of the reasons that we were able to start the recruitment process for three new positions in October. This process is still ongoing, we’ve had a lot of interest but the pandemic has made the logistics of hiring internationally slower than usual. But once our new hires are aboard, we are sure it will be a very nice boost to our team!

2021 was also a productive year when it came to new features for the game. The new World Cup system went operational at last, along with many new features in elections, NT scouting and new live draws for the international competitions. We unveiled a new Achievement system, along with several batches of new badges to earn. In the realm of community, we released a new chat portal as well as a new feature for mobile users, Local Circles, enabling more neighbourhood networking in Hattrick. And of course since a few weeks, Local Circles are also available on the web.

Supporters got their much-awaited new versions of the Match Kit and Arena designers, and we made free NT Fed slots available for all users as well. The Apache league brought in a new concept in Hattrick, a time-limited league system. Other new things were Missions and the new Sponsor system. The two have some similarities, with Missions being a challenge that may be presented to the manager by the board if certain criteria are triggered. The new sponsor system also made parts of sponsor revenue more dynamic, allowing managers to pick both the company sponsor as well as the performance bonuses the team will be trying for. Both of these systems will be further developed in 2022, bringing in more diverse and interesting goals for the managers to work towards.

When we look ahead for 2022, it is also hard to avoid the fact that we are heading towards our 25th anniversary in August. This will be a theme not only for community activities that are being planned, but also for some of our in-game development, making the history of Hattrick more visible and relevant inside the game. The work on the match kit and arena designer will continue as we look for new ways to integrate these systems into the game.

Another thing we want to focus on in 2022 is the experience of participating in a series. This is of course a fundamental part of Hattrick already, but it has an importance to users that we have probably underestimated. We want to revamp how users are matched up with a series each season, with how you can anticipate demotions and promotions already during the season, how you can plan to move to another series if you are in a lower division, as well as make the life inside your current series more fun and engaging.

Again, thanks for sticking with us. Now let’s get to play... And some work as well!

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