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Flag Hunting

I would like to write about the origin of my successful federation Caranza's Flags For Friends (111325) in which I help managers with all the flags that they are still missing in their collection.

Starting from this season we are also giving away free credits among members.

On May 15, 2013 I created the federation with the name : Caranza's Flags For Friends (111325)
This with the idea of ​​helping managers who collect flags.
At that time, the second and third teams did not yet exist, so you really had to actively search for teams in the countries themselves. After a while I ended up at a federation myself and received a friendly against Lebanon through the federation owner. That was about one of the hardest countries to get in hattrick at that moment. I was overjoyed and really grateful after which I also got the idea to help managers collect flags.
Over time I became friends with a manager from Suriname and he hosted me, then I found a start. Because of this I got to know more and more managers and I could start trading flags. After this, I decided to start the federation so that managers could expand their flag collection there.
Eventually I started to exchange Suriname for several other flags and in this way I obtained more flags. I then gave these away to the members in my federation.
I also started raffling my flags in a lottery at the time → ( Here I raffled 1548 flags.
This was very interesting to do; unfortunately after the start of the second and third shifts it has become less and eventually stopped. Who knows, this article may relaunch it and people will use it again :-)

After this, the distribution of flags has also become less, as it became much easier due to the entry of those extra teams. Eventually I also stopped distributing flags in my federation and flags were only exchanged there by the managers themselves.
At that time you could only join my federation if you were admitted by myself or the other staff members. In the end I had more than 1200 members during that period.
After I stopped giving the flags away for free, the members visibly left.

When I became more active on hattrick in 2020, I also became supporter again. I saw that there were only about 150 managers left in my federation, and I was no longer the main leader. Fortunately, this task was taken over by a friend of mine, and thanks to him I was able to quickly become the main administrator again. I immediately made sure that everyone could become a member freely and again actively looked for managers who wanted to help. I eventually took a third shift in Haiti, which was very coveted, and so I could start organizing flag-collecting friendlies again.

Meanwhile, the federation has again 1140 members and the number of members is still growing steadily.
Since the emergence of the new countries, interest in the managers has increased again.
I also approach managers who collect flags and then help them through my federation.
There are managers who provide me with 2 flags for my federation; I then make a schedule for their main team so that they get a missing flag every week for main team and I can donate 2 flags again in my lottery. In this way I can help more and more managers and the offer is increasing.
Other managers who don't collect flags also let me use their second and/or third shifts. Still other managers just make 1 of their shifts available to me.
In the meantime I have 65 different flags available for my members and I have 198 teams that want to play for me. Some teams make a few games per season, other managers make their team available to the federation for an entire season.
Thanks to these managers, it is possible that our federation has grown so much.
Meanwhile, I also got the help of Elleke ((5009724)), who became an influencer in the federation and has found many hosts who also want to make their flag available for our federation. Due to the increase of these hosts, even more flags could be given away and Elleke has taken on an extra task. He manages the distribution of the most difficult countries in a topic created for that purpose and forwards everything to me so that I can distribute it to the right managers.
My thanks to him is very great !

The main goal of the federation is to help managers with their missing flags for free, but in the meantime I am also expanding the federation with other things. Because managers actively want to do something, I also give them the opportunity to do so.
This will, for example, help managers to collect their feats of arms, as well as organizing games where credits can be won. In short, we try to make it a nice active federation to help managers.

Two seasons ago I gave away 1068 flags in my federation, last season there were 1250!

Also this season I will try again to exceed that number, which I will certainly succeed!

You are all welcome !!

You can discuss/comment the article here, on Global forum: (17454095.1).

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