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1-17-2022 Local ladders

Today, we have a few things to mention about Local Circls, the mobile app feature that lets you connect to other managers in your city.

First and foremost: As part of the Christmas campaign, more than 1300 Supporter gifts have been handed out to members of Local Circles, triggered by purchases made by other Circle users. Congratulations!

Second: We’ve added a new ladder type just for Local Circles. Any member of a Circle can start the local ladder, from the web or the app, and from then on all other members can join in. Who will earn the local bragging rights?

There is also a campaign running for Hattrick credits right now, so if you want to try these ladders or any other Gears products out, this could be a good time for it.

While we know that many smaller Circles are not very lively, we still think this kind of feature has a very nice potential to be the basis for stronger local communities. Given the pandemic it is still not time to encourage local meet-ups too much, but that day will come again and it’s a lovely thing - and this will be the best way to figure out if there are other managers close by.

At launch, we also promised to find ways to encourage the most active Circles. But how could we find those?

With the new Circle pages, you can all see that the largest ones in the world are Barcelona (189 users), Buenos Aires (177), Warsaw (156), Budapest (145) and Milan (142).

We dug deeper, and also found that the most active local chats are Guadalajara, Mexico (37 messages per active member), Barcelona (35), Caracas (30), Tijuana, Mexico (26) and Genève (25).

The highest percentage of Circle members that are active in the chat at all can be found in Évora, Portugal and Tijuana, Mexico (both 100%, Lleida, Spain (93%), Tarragona, Spain (90%), and Córdoba, Argentina (86%). It is clear that Iberian cultures and their South American cousins are a special breed, and that Catalonians in particular have an outsized commitment to community!

We will coordinate with trusted Circle members of the category winners Barcelona, Guadalajara, Tijuana and Èvora to make sure they get a big box of goodies to distribute among their local users.

1-3-2022 Hattrick Masters-lotting

De Hattrick Masters begjinne nije wike Moandei. De lotting foar de edysje fan dit seizoen bart hjoed om 15:00 HT-tiid.

12-24-2021 Happy Holidays!

We wish all Hattrick managers a holiday season full of relaxation, fun, and meaningful connections with the people you care about. And maybe a present or two! We will try to do the same and come back next year with a lot of energy to make this a better game for you.

Most important, we want to thank you for making Hattrick such a great community!

With love, the Hattrick team

12-23-2021 "Secret Santa" in the Circle

We know, we know - the pandemic is not over yet and another Christmas cooped up at home seems the responsible thing to do. But the world is still out there, and if there is going to be any nice Hattrick meet-ups in 2022 it’s not a bad idea to start bonding with the people of your own city. So lets prepare…

We’ve organized a local Secret Santa party! To participate, both donors and recipients needs to join a Local Circle.

How it works: Every time a purchase is made in the ongoing Christmas supporter campaign a bonus one-month Christmas present is created and ear-marked for the Local Circle of that donor. The gifts will be kept under the Hattrick Christmas tree and be distributed by Santa Bob in early January. One half of the gifts will be given out in the Circle of the donor, the rest will be given out in a random Circle anywhere in the world.

As long as you are in a Circle, any Circle, you have the chance to win!

Remember, you can only join or move Local Circles from your phone as it uses geolocation to find the right place for you.

We are also doing some much-needed improvements to the Circles themselves. While Local Circles is mainly a mobile feature, we think it is important that once you have found your local context you can also interact with it from the web site. So, now there is now a Local Circle page on the site, located under My Hattrick/Community. Here you can access the local chat, see the full member list of your Circle, see what new members have joined recently, and even see stats for the Christmas campaign.

In the app, we have moved Local Circles to a new place under Social, while also giving it the same information as above.

In addition to this, on the web site we will also show some global stats relating to Local Circles, such as the largest Circles worldwide and how many Circles and Circle members there are worldwide.

We hope you like the update - and good luck in the Secret Santa draw!

12-12-2021 All hail Slovakia!

Slovakia is the new World Champions in Hattrick, beating Italy by 5-3 in the Friday night final.

Italy took an early 0-2 lead, but Slovakia worked themselves into the game and by half time the score was 2-2. Italy then again grabbed an early lead in the second half and it was only in the 75th minute that Slovakia managed to tie again, this time through an indirect free kick.

In extra time, however, it was all about Slovaka. the match ended 5-3 and it is clear that portuguese manager Kanit0 has done a wonderful job with the squad. We congratulate him, as well as the Slovakian community, for this great achievement! Kudos also to the Italians for a great campaign, led as they were by head coach Monco-Ultras.

12-9-2021 Ferkiezings komme deroan!

De Wrâldbeker komt ta it ein no't de finale moarn spile wurde sil. Dêrmei is it ek wer tiid om de folgjende NT-bûnscoaches te kiezen.

Ast sollisitearje wolst, moast dy aktyf registrearje.

De ynskriuwing iepent freed 7:00 (CET), en it stimmen begjint moandei en duorret in wike. Ferkiezings wurde hâlden yn alle 144 Hattrick-lannen dy’t meidogge oan de Wraldbeker!

By dizze ferkiezings wurdt dyn kandidaattaspraak ek automatysk as ûnderwerp op it nasjonale foarum pleatst (yn it lân wêrsto dy ferkiesber makke hast ) Mis de kâns net om fragen fanút de mienskip te beantwurdzjen.

Om dy ferkiesber te stellen en om te meie stimmen moast do op syn minst in seizoen aktyf west hawwe. Dit is om allegear soarten ferkiezingsfraude te bestriden.

Lit de kampanjes begjinne!

12-7-2021 Fan searje wikselje

Sa-as gewoanlik sil de HFA it oan sommige ploegen tastean om tidens de seizoensstop te wikseljen fan kompetysje:

• De wikselperioade rint fan tongersdei 9 Desimber 00:00 oant freed 10 Desimber 23:59 (HT-tiid).
• HTI ploechen kinne allinich wikselje oan't freed 16:00 (HT-tiid). Dit hat te krijen mei it oanmeitsjen fan de wedstriden foar it kommende seizoen.
• Do kinst allinnich fan kompetysje wikselje atst yn ien fan de leechste trije divyzjes fan dyn lân spilest.
• Do kinst allinnich fan plak wikselje mei in bot-ploech út dyn eigen divyzjenivo.
• Do kinst mar ien kear fan plak wikselje, en it kin net weromdraaid wurde, dus soargje derfoar datst wis bist fan wat'st dochst.

Do kinst mei in bot fan plak wikselje fanôf de kompetysjeside fan de bot. In koppeling komt yn de kompetysjetabel efter de ploechnamme fan de bot te stean. Tink derom, do kinst allinnich fan plak wikselje mei in bot-ploech (dy't ek it "robot-logo" hat), en net mei in ploech sûnder eigner, dy't noch gjin bot is.

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