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Hattrick is Hiring!

2021-09-30 11:20:00

Do you love Hattrick? Would like to help make the game even better? Then this is your chance to do just that! We are looking for two developers and one community manager to strengthen our team, as we prepare for our exciting 25th anniversary year ahead.

Hattrick is a unique place on the Internet, as we all know. It’s also a really nice place to work.

Now we'd like to invite you to join us! The Hattrick business is now at a point where it makes sense for us to raise the ambition level a notch or two, and for this we need to plan ahead and expand the team.

Nothing would make us happier than being able to find the perfect candidates within our own community. Someone who is a great fit professionally, but who also genuinely cares about Hattrick and who understands our community.

We are not a big, corporate environment, but a relatively small and trust-based team where everyone is encouraged to take responsibility and contribute their ideas for the development of the game. The founders are still involved on a day-to-day basis, but you’ll find that everyone on the team is very skilled and committed. At the same time, we are all keen to get some new blood in, with new ideas and energy, and as a new member of the team you would find yourself in a very supportive environment.

So, what are we actually looking for? Our aim is to recruit two developers and one person for the community team. If you have a mix of these competencies, that could be interesting too.

If you have skills that you think could be helpful for our team, don’t be shy - let us know, even if your CV doesn’t exactly match what we are listing here!

Two developers

We are looking for two developers. This could be one front-end and one back-end specialist, or even better a mix of the two.

The front-end technologies we work with are Microsoft .NET, Javascript, Angular and HTML5. On the back-end we work with Microsoft SQL databases and for our applications we mainly use Visual Basic.NET

If your skill set looks differently, that does not have to be a problem, but some kind of database experience is crucial for any Hattrick developer and it is very good if you are at least familiar with .NET.

It’s a bonus if you have worked with or is interested in game design, if you love to crunch numbers and do statistical analysis, or if you are into web and graphical design.

Community Manager

On the community side, we want to add a person to the team that can be the main interface between the community and the dev team, as well as run Hattrick’s social media. You will need to have great communication skills in English, as well as one or two more languages important to the Hattrick community. You will have some background as a Hattrick volunteer, or in some other role that involve community support. Any coding background is a big bonus, as it helps with debugging and communicating with the dev team.

If you have professional experience as a developer, journalist, designer or marketer these are all good fits as well. But more important than anything is that you have a desire to help give our users the best game experience that we can give them.

When, where, and how?

Our developer team is based in Sweden, whereas the community team is more widely distributed. While we have a teleworking-compatible culture, we do find it very important to also work together in the physical realm from time to time. For this reason, we are primarily looking for people willing to move to or regularly travel to the Malmö-Lund region of southern Sweden.

We’ll consider all applications, regardless of geography - just be aware that this will be one of the things we’ll take into account when making our selection.

Interested? The sooner you let us know, the better. The e-mail is jobs@hattrick.org. Send us a CV, as well as a short letter giving us your personal (and Hattrick!) background. Any questions, let us know. The recruitment process is flexible and we may not hire all of the above positions at the same time, but the sooner we know you are interested, the better your chances will be.

Please send your applications before October 15, 2021.

Welcome to our team!

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