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Welcome to Hattrick International!

2016-12-06 10:46:00

In January, we will kick off the first season of a unique new league that we call Hattrick International. For the first time ever, we give all managers in Hattrick the chance to participate in the ultimate manager challenge: to create a new club in a completely new league where the playing field is entirely level.

In Hattrick International, there will be no established teams with loads of money to compete with. Instead, you will go head to head with the most motivated and committed Hattrick managers who all start in the lower divisions, just like you, eager to make the epic journey to the top before anyone else.

The International team is managed separately from your regular team, which of course you can continue playing with just like before. To join in, you’ll need to be either a Platinum or Diamond supporter and also to commit to the new league for at least three seasons. Further down, we will explain the pricing and our launch campaign in more detail.

What is Hattrick International, exactly?

Hattrick International is a new league in the Hattrick world, very similar to the national leagues we have today. You can base your new club in any country of your choice, and your players will be from this country too. But the league itself will be international and in your series, you may find teams from all over the globe. Together, you will take part in a league that works like any other in Hattrick - the same season schedules, the same Cups, the same prize money and the same training regimes. It will even have it’s own flag for the flag chasers out there to collect!

One key difference is that International, for obvious reasons, won’t have a national team. And for the time being, it won’t have representation in Hattrick Masters either, but that may change in the future.

Hattrick International will be fully integrated in the Hattrick world, which means you can buy and sell players on the global market, train national team players and play friendlies wherever you want. All game engine mechanics are of course also the same. In other words, you can deploy all the skills and tricks you have acquired over the years to really get an edge in Hattrick International!

You may need it, as this will surely be one of the most buzzing leagues in the Hattrick world, a league full of active managers who will struggle to get an edge over each other, and fast. We will manually curate both the initial placement of teams, as well as the promotion rules during the first few seasons, to make sure humans play humans as much as possible.

How to join

Hattrick International is an additional club that you manage alongside your current one. This third team slot will be included in Diamond and cost 49,00 EUR a year for Platinum supporters.

There’s however a way for Platinum supporters to avoid this extra cost.

We want Hattrick International to get the best possible start, and an important part of this is having committed managers. For this reason, we have a special offer: Everyone that buys, upgrades to or renews their Platinum subscription for at least one year will be able to join Hattrick International from the very start and keep it as a third team at no extra cost for the first three seasons.

What’s more, when Season 4 comes around in December next year, we will make it possible for all Platinum supporters to continue playing in Hattrick International without paying any extra fees. At this point, Platinum supporters will get a choice between keeping a second team in a national league or using their additional club slot for an International team. In other words, as Platinum you’ll pay extra for International only if you want to keep three teams under management.

If you are already a Platinum supporter with more than 1 year remaining on your subscription, and you prefer not to take part of the campaign and extend Supporter even further, you can pay 49,00 EUR to unlock a Hattrick International team right away.

Our hope is that this will be a very exciting new way to play Hattrick, where the most engaged users get to compete with each other, on the most level playing field imaginable!

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