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Hattrick Roadmap Update

2016-10-22 15:03:00

In our autumn development roadmap, we will be working on several smaller projects. The Youth systems will get some much needed attention, injuries will become more dynamic, and big bunch of new event variations for the Live viewer will be released, paving the way for more flavourful match reports.

The new Live Viewer introduced this summer has been a big success so far: the number of matches watched live every week have increased by 20 % since launch. We are also very pleased with the feedback we have received from you on the new Team Analysis page, which helps you research upcoming opponents and set up your own team in the best way. If you haven’t already, please check these features out, we think you might like them too!

Over at the Hattrick offices, work has of course already begun on new functionality. A few weeks back we had our quarterly meeting to decide on our work plan for the coming months. This time, we have a series of smaller projects that we plan to work on.

Youth systems

First up, the youth systems will get an overhaul. We want to make the Youth Academy a little less clunky to work with, both fixing some old issues with the interface and adding new features, such as a financial overview detailing your total investment in and profit from your Academy over time.

We will also look at the balancing between the Youth Academies and the “old” youth system, making the choice between them less obvious than it may be today. This is not a redesign, but rather a set of tweaks and improvements that we will release together before the start of next season.

Injury package

We are also adding some depth and context to injuries in Hattrick. The match engine will start tracking what kind of injury a player gets and as a part of this we will add more detailed events around this as well. The new way to handle injuries will also mean that, sometimes, managers need to consider a player’s injury status more carefully before deciding on a lineup. We'll also work on improving time estimates for injured players as part of this project.

Live viewer

In time for next season start, we will complete the live viewer project by releasing more variations of the existing events to our translators - this will eventually make a big difference in the overall match experience. We then hope to see as many languages being released in the full live versions over the course of next season.

And yet a few more things...

One small improvement on the list is that for some matches played in neutral venues in the Cup, Masters or National Team temporary seats may now sometimes be used to accommodate extra fans. This can happen if the owner of the arena has recently downgraded it or if the seats are badly optimized, not allowing enough fans in and thus hurting ticket revenue. This change has already been implemented and was recently used in Tanzania.

We would also like to mention that we will remove the “Worst Player” award and improve the “Best Player” award, so that it includes factors that have actually mattered in the match.

In addition to this, we will work on a few additions to Hattrick Gears, the small extras you can buy using Credits. We will also work on a set of small improvements for the newbie experience lined up again, but most of you will probably not notice that.

That's all for now! Many thanks for reading!

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