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Update on match engine changes for next Season

2015-08-18 10:33:00

The code for the new match engine, which was presented in our last editorial, has now run in Tournaments for a few weeks and we have evaluated it there along with your feedback on the changes. Based on this, we will make some changes for the final version, which will go live for all matches at the start of next season.

Keeper: Still no changes

Defenders: Instead of increasing the Playmaking contribution of offensive Defenders by 21 %, it will now be increased by just 14 %.

Wing Backs: We have made some small changes to the contributions of Wing Backs that go to the middle or defensively, which affects their playmaking and winger contributions. These have both increased a little to fit better with the other player contributions.

Wingers: The wing contribution of normal and offensive Wingers will decrease by 10 % instead of the previously announced 13 % and 14 %, respectively. The other winger positions keep the changes announced in our editorial.

Midfielders: Nothing has changed

Forwards: We have decided to take a step back here and not implement the change to side forwards, since the doubled contribution on the side proved unfriendly to the match engine balance. Side forwards will have the same behavior as before. However, we will make a small adjustment to forwards toward wing. They will get a small boost on winger on their close side and also a small passing contribution on their far side, which was missing in the old version.

To sum up, with these adjustments we have wanted to tone down the changes to some individual player positions, which were probably too strong. But we wanted to take care not to lose the positive effects we saw on game balance and the overall match engine performance, and we feel we have achieved this now.

We will update the manual with the relative contributions very soon.

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