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Supporter Diamond

2014-07-07 13:07:00

Today we release Supporter Diamond, a new Supporter package for the more hardcore Hattrick users out there. It is our most complete Supporter subscription, as it includes Platinum, all of our Gears products, as well as the new Replay feature, which is exclusive to Diamond and which lets you check what would have happened if your match had been simulated ten more times.

Supporter Diamond is a subscription that not only includes all the features of Platinum, but also, for the first time, gives you a chance to use all the pay-per-use features of Hattrick for no extra charge. Diamond is a bit pricier than other Supporter packages
, so it may not be for everyone - but we think this could be a very attractive package for the more hardcore users, especially those of you that already use Tournaments and our other Gears features a lot.

One new tool that is exclusive to Diamond is the Replay feature. Replay can be accessed after any match you have played and it will show you what would have happened if the exact game you just played was simulated ten more times, using exactly the same starting point. Did you just get unusually lucky, or would your tactic have worked if you got to play the same match over again? Now there will be a way to know.

Like any other other Supporter package, Diamond is a subscription. And while you subscribe to it, you get access to the following:

All features of Supporter Platinum

You will be a full Platinum supporter. This means you get a second team if you so wish, along with unlimited Federation slots, unlimited Supporter slots and more. If you are already a Supporter, your existing Supporter time will be used to upgrade your Supporter subscription, as it happens for instance with the upgrade from Gold to Platinum. Once your Diamond subscription runs out, you will be back to your previous Supporter subscription as long as you still have enough Supporter time in your account. For further information, please read question number 5 from the Shop FAQ: "Is it possible to upgrade my current Supporter subscription?".

Free access to Tournaments

Create your own tournaments with friends or just join other Tournaments that catch your eye. You can take part in up to 10 Tournaments at a time, without using any Credits for your own participation.


Take part in up to 25 ladders at a time. Try to get to the top of a National, Regional, or Federation ladder and stay there - it’s not easy! As with Tournaments, there is of course no need to pay Credits for your participation.

Rename Players

It is now possible to Rename Players on your team, and as a Diamond user you can do this at no extra charge. Other than this, you follow the same naming rules as any other user.

Create Player Nickname

Giving your players a Nickname is also something that is included in the Diamond package. A player can get a new nickname once per season.

Player Styling and Makeover

Our extensive tools for changing the player avatars are fully available to Diamond supporters. Fix hair, noses, skin tone, and other things to make the team just the way you want it. This feature is unlimited, and you can change as often as you please.

Event-o-Matic Custom Match Reports

With custom match reports, you create a trigger for an event that will happen during an upcoming game. It is a nice way to express what you feel about a certain game or opponent, and of course, this can also be used at no extra charge as part of the Diamond package. One event per match is allowed.

Replay (10 matches)

This new feature is exclusive to Supporter Diamond. After any match you play, you can check what would have happened if the game had been simulated another ten times using exactly the same starting lineup, tactics, and other factors. Replay actually simulates the full match ten times and shows what the scores would have been. This is not about making a statistical analysis about what the ideal match result should have been, but rather a way to let users - for the first time ever - peek into what could have happened if that same game had been simulated again, using the exact same starting point all over again.

We hope you enjoy the new package!

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