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World Cup XXII Hosting Competition

2014-07-06 14:00:00

It is time to kick off the 9th edition of the World Cup hosting competition. Up for grabs this time is the chance to host World Cup XXII or the U-20 World Cup XXII - the winning entrants will select their preferred option.

We are accepting one candidacy per country. In order to ensure that only one candidacy is entered, it will need to be announced on your local forum. Keep in mind that if your country has hosted the WC in the past, it might be held against your candidacy. Previous winners Brasil and Tunisia, and runners-up Belgium and Italy are not able to participate this time.

The contest will run from today to Sunday the 27th of July at 23:59 HT Time. Voting will then take place from Tuesday the 29th of July to Sunday the 3rd of August, the winner being announced after that.

The official contact person for the bid needs to be from that country in Hattrick, and they will send:

- a link to your video, hosted on YouTube, to later be included in Hattrick's official YouTube channel
- a link to the thread in your country stating that this is indeed the official bid
- a message via the contact form to the National Team Administration (NTA) with the subject "World Cup XXII Bid" stating the choice to host either the U-20 or NT World Cup in case you have the winning bid (make sure you get a confirmation message back)

Please keep in mind that these videos will be seen globally, so English needs to be at least one of the languages they are presented in.

From all the entries, we will select the best 5 to be presented to the Hattrick community for a vote. Entries will be selected based on these criteria:

- Involvement of the community
- Creativity
- Quality of work

There are 3 votes:

- One vote for the community (you will not be able to vote for your own country)
- One vote for the NT and U-20 coaches
- One vote for the NTAs

In the case of a tie, the country that was ranked highest by the community will win.

The winner will be able to chose between hosting World Cup XXII or U-20 World Cup XXII and the runner up will host the remaining option!

Good luck to all!

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